What Is Evolution

In order to understand Intelligent Design you must also understand the one theory that challenges it – Evolution. Evolution is the belief that all things that live today began as primitive organisms. This change has occurred over a span of billions of ears and through that process have come some of the more advanced plants and animals that we see today.

It is not known exactly how this process is able to take place – but many people believe that it does happen and can be proven through scientific facts. Biologists are in agreement that every living thing has developed through physical and chemical processes that even today are still occurring. They believe that all organisms are able to be traced back when life was first created through inanimate matter.

Paleontology – the study of life through fossils, impressions, and remains in the rock is one of the biggest proofs that evolution is true. It also receives evidence from the comparative studies of plant and animals that are living today through biochemistry, geographical distribution, and embryology.

Close to two millions various species are alive today – but close to 99.9% of them have been alive and are now known to be extinct, and two billion have evolved over a span of six hundred million years. These changes take place in living organisms in order to increase the way that they can adapt, survive, and reproduce as their environments change.

There is no rhythm or reason to how and when they evolve. Evidence shows that one organism might evolve only when it is trying to change its traits and hereditary features to be different from others of its kind.

Other organisms may not be able to adapt to the environment in which they live in and over time their numbers will decrease until they are extinct. This part of evolution is known as survival of the fittest or natural selection. The evolutionary process will only affect those who follow the rules of natural selection.