What Is Creationism

Before there was Intelligent Design the biggest enemy to the theory of evolution was creationism. This is very much like intelligent design except that it does not believe that it needs science in order to prove that it is true. Instead it relies on the belief through faith – which is the most skeptical form of belief.

How The World Began

People who believe in creationism believe that God created the world out of nothing. They believe that in seven days he spoke and through his voice planets, people, trees, the solar system, and everything that is in existence today was created. They do not believe that there is any type of scientific research that can be conducted to prove that it is right or wrong nor do they rely on this.

It is for this reason that many scientists have a hard time trying to believe it. Scientists do not rely on faith – which is the act of believing something that you cannot see or touch. They base all of their beliefs and what they know to be true on evidence that they can touch and prove through their research.

Intelligent Design And Creationism

Not everyone who believes in creationism will gladly follow intelligent design despite the fact that the two are so closely related. Both of these beliefs believe that an intelligent being created the world and still plays a hand in everything we do today. The difference is that people who believe in creationism know that being to be God. People who believe in intelligent design do not identify or claim to know who that being is.

Creationism In School

Like intelligent design though both have struggled through the years and have tried to find a way to make themselves heard to children in schools. Court battles have been fought to make sure that teachers teach the idea of creationism and have even fought to keep them from teaching evolution.

Likewise many people have fought to keep creationism out of schools because they believe there is no scientific basis for it and is therefore not substantial. Both have lost and both as still able to be taught in schools equally.