Evidence For Intelligent Design

Like with any type of theory such as this there are people who are divided on whether or not there is actually any evidence to support it. There are some that believe a theory such as this is not able to be supported through the use of science or any other means. However, there are some who believe that there are two causes that will help to explain it.

Unintelligent Cause

The reason of intelligent causes is the belief that natural actions – whether they be physical or chemistry – will operate by the natural laws that are contained within space and time. There is nothing else that will determine what happens. Because of this it is impossible for true designs to be created. Most Darwinists will dismiss the theory of an evident design that is within nature. Instead they believe in apparent design.

Intelligent Cause

An intelligent cause is the action of an intelligent being or other type of agent that is manipulating the natural laws of physics or chemistry. This agent is usually not known or defined as anything in particular.

However, it has the ability to produce something that is both intelligent and something that cannot be created through the natural laws alone. Through this evidence there is a way in which intelligent beings and designs are able to be created.

Most biologists will see evidence of intelligent design – but choose to deny that it is possible or even a true form of it. This is because they are unable to connect the dots and determine how and why it is was able to do perform an action or to create something so unique. In the world there are many things which are based upon the faith that it is real rather than pure science to be used to back it up.

There are even many Darwinists and also atheists who will tell people that they must trust their own instinct or minds when looking at material evidence found in nature. With this being said there is no clear evidence the denies the fact the intelligent design exists.