Intelligent Design – Science, Theory and Evolution

Welcome to Sequenced by Design, a blog about Intelligent Design (ID), Creationism, Darwinism and the science and theory behind evolution. For those that didn’t know, intelligent design is the creationalist’s answer to the theory of evolution. Basically, that all living things and the universe itself is best explained by being created by an intelligent being, such as God, rather than by natural selection or pure coincidence.

Intelligent design was first founded to fight the creation versus evolution battle, one which pitted traditional religious teachings of the existance of God against the scientific community in which government, schools and politics were intertwined. Ultimately, evolution won according to a 1987 Supreme Court ruling in favor of the separation of Church and State – which led to text books and school curriculum adopting Darwin’s theory in science and biology classes.

While this debate is most seriously argued within Christian communities, the principles are being argued echo’d amongst most religious scholars and throughout much of the world. Essentially, creationalism is losing the debate against Darwin’s theory of evolution and intelligent design is an attempt to explain God’s intelligence and ability to create life in a scientific manner.

Proponents of “ID” combine both science and  God as the explanation for the origin of life and the universe. The combination with science, some argue, is simply an attempt to re-introduce the Christian God back into text books. Those who oppose insist that, since intelligent design cannot be scientifically tested, it is not science and cannot be taught in school as biology or science. Thus, the separation of Church and State is upheld.

The articles written at Sequenced by Design attempt to explain, objectively, the differences between the theories of intelligent design, creationalism and help to bring clarity to the creation versus evolution debate. Intelligent design makes sense, and is a happy medium between pure science and pure religious beliefs.